The Thinkers

The Thinkers

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1. Sanvar Oberoi
Sanvar is a serial entrepreneur having set up India’s first industrial hemp farm and agro-business which works on the model of a social enterprise to boost the agriculture sector’s role in the Indian economy and a digital global collaborative think tank which is currently in 122 countries focused on creating a platform for independent thought, dialogue and action. He has worked for five years with the global leader in risk consulting, advisory and audit services and the Indian leading digital media agency and led the India delegation at the Global Young Leader’s Conference at the United Nations, New York. He teaches strategy, global finance, digital marketing and innovation to undergraduate business students and is a veteran in debates and model UN conferences and has ranked first in International Finance at Mumbai University. An avid traveler, oenophile, beer chugger, die hard Gooner, non stop foodie and lover of eargasms (Indian classic, alternative rock, electronic dance music, sufi, a cappella to jazz).

2. Bijon Keswani
Bijon is currently working with a leading global consulting firm for risk and process management. He assists in business development and is involved with project implementation and execution for the development sector. Bijon has also completed programmmes on ‘Integrated marketing Communications’ and ‘Organisational Behaviour’ from the University of California, Berkeley. He is a confident speaker and has taken sessions with final year college students in Mumbai about ‘Life after college’ and the ‘Need to understand or build expectation and tenacity’. He calls his lectures ‘EOD’, better known to most as ‘End of Day’. A jack of all trades is a phrase that describes him best, he is extremely inquisitive and wants to read and learn about anything under the sun. A fanatical sports fan,he is Liverpool Red. Bijon spends alot of time analysing sports and could be heard blabbering about the most bizarre numbers and strategies. This self-proclaimed foodie and critic, he is also a video game enthusiast, movie buff and amateur photographer. A fan of EDM he still goes back to listening to Alternative. Residing in Delhi, he still loves Bombay.

3. Aniket Nikumb
‘Born in Mumbai, India, Aniket Nikumb, 21 is a Chartered Accountant (CA) by training, graduating with an All India Rank of 29. He is also a Company Secretary and a Chartered Financial Analyst (USA) program graduate. He graduated with Distinction in Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Mumbai and has completed a summer program on ‘Alternative Investments’ from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2011, where he was awarded the Grade A+. Aniket has worked for almost 4 years in strategy and advisory functions across an education e-commerce startup, an electronics distribution firm and a global leading professional services firm. He now works at a top-tier strategy consulting firm. Aniket has received various awards including the prestigious Lala Kailashpat Singhania Gold Medal and Merit Scholarship when he graduated top of his class (2nd in West India) from his alma mater, Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania High School and the Reserve Bank of India Young Scholars Award 2009-10. Aniket is interested in finance, business strategy, entrepreneurship, economics, international relations and public policy. He is widely engaged in writing and speaking engagements, including his thoughts page, He has been published in newspapers and international newsletters alike, and was one of the Guest Editors of the HT Education Times 7th Anniversary Issue. He regularly speaks to students, talking about his career path and life experiences. In his private time, Aniket enjoys a good book and a round of tennis.


4. Maahir Shah
Maahir comes primarily from a technology background. He has done his baccalaureate studies in Computer Engineering. Through the course of his career so far, he has been actively involved in various technical events and seminars. In addition, he has also been developing several computer and mobile software varying from database to web technologies and his most recent one on location sharing for Android devices. To polish his technical skill with sound management abilities and chase his entrepreneurial ambitions, he enrolled into the prestigious Duke University’s Masters of Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship program. He has worked for a leading company in the Computer Media Dealers Association and interned at a prestigious global infotech firm. He strongly follows Peter Dinklage’s philosophy as mentioned in Game of Thrones – “A mind needs books just as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge”. However, back in the Game of Thrones era there were no blogs. So, in today’s world, according to Maahir, a mind needs books and blogs. Thus was born the inspiration to blog. In addition to blogging, Maahir has a deep interest in social media and all the new social networks coming up every day. He is a die-hard Manchester United fan and an ardent appreciator of the beautiful game. He is a T.V. show and movie buff and proclaims his everyday workout to be his only true soul mate.

5. Abhishek Chhabria
[The consulting boy is too busy to send me his write up, apologizes]

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