Andrea Pirlo – A Midfield Maestro


For those of you who had never got a chance before to see the magician in action before, the Euro 2012 clash between England and Italy was a classic opportunity. And, for those… Continue reading

Elections in India are Mathematically Flawed: [Sanvar’s Perspective]


While our ancestors developed the decimal system, zero as a number, negative numbers, arithmetic, algebra and trigonometry it’s quite striking as to how the same race could not develop a full proof election system.


So here goes my theory:

Forever Michael..


A king, simplistically, is one who rules. A person looked up to. The nature of what he rules is usually decided by those, ‘ruled’ over. Music is well, a bridge. It helps transport… Continue reading

7 Must-Read Biographies


I owe most of the lessons I have learnt in life to books. Books have taught me to deal with it all: from challenging nay-sayers to loss of loved ones. And the greatest… Continue reading

AlphaLeon’s Video of the Week: SixthSense Technology

by At TEDIndia, Pranav Mistry demos several tools that help the physical world interact with the world of data — including a deep look at his SixthSense device and a new, paradigm-shifting paper… Continue reading

Creativity at its best: Cannes Lions 2012


Why is so much news generating from Europe? Elections in Greece, EURO 2012, Bailout of Spain’s banks, French Open, Monaco Grand Prix, Olympics in London and now Cannes Lions! But that isn’t going… Continue reading

#HIS7ORY he tweeted.. The King of Clay


#HIS7ORY he tweeted. In an age where getting the best facilities for sport influences an athlete’s performance,  a dear uncle tells his nephew “I do not want to believe that you have to… Continue reading

The King of Clay


A wonder kid at 13 who barraged past the great Australian Pat Cash, A Majorcan with flair in the kitchen? Or a football fanatic at the Santiago Bernabeau? A lover of boats and… Continue reading

The Most Important Election Ever : Explained


How does the election of 300 seats in Greece affect the stability of the entire financial architecture globally? We could be plunged into the worst financial crisis ever (yes, more than 2008 financial… Continue reading

Anatomy of The Euro 2012


One continent,a long arduous qualifying stage, blood an sweat. Gladiators? Probably, only the final Colosseum split between Ukraine and Poland.

A modern platform filled with 40000 patriots, with resounding voices supporting their fellow countrymen elevated to god-like status. A month long extravaganza of quality that most consider even better than the World Cup. There are no easy games in this format.

Here, 90 minutes feel like long tiring wars between adversaries.

Here, club compatriots fight for a different badge….. Here is where magic happens