About ThincQuisitive

ThincQuisitive is not a business, its not a company and its certainly not a movement. It’s simply a common platform for the congregation of like minded, opinionated, ahead-of-the-curve persons.

Do you remember:

That professor in school who wow-ed everyone?

That uncle who has all the jargon in the world?

That writer who captivates you and maybe even inspires you?

That colleague who knows just the right moves?

Our aim is for ThincQuisitive to be like one of them, to provide you with insights and opinions on a wide array of topics. One doesn’t need a high IQ to read or write for ThincQuisitive, you just simply need to be keep your mind open.

What would the human race be if it were not for the power of reasoning? If dialogue and discussion did not take place?

ThincQuisitive has been launched in order to connect persons of the same wavelength, the thinkers, the do-ers, the opinionated ones (irrespective of field of work or study) from across the world to interact with each other and to present the world with their thoughts.

For any suggestion, feedback or any other matter contact: sanvar.oberoi@thincquisitive.com

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