Rights, wrongs and a worried brother

Hi. My name is Bijon Keswani.

While the name will probably be irrelevant now, what’s of more importance is that I have a sister who just turned 18, and a few women family friends who are extremely dear to me. Most importantly I stay in Gurgaon, NCR and for debates sake, I stay in Delhi.

I’m not the biggest fan of Delhi. Never have been, and doubt I will ever be. I could easily join the same old populous bandwagon and insult the city; but today I will not, at least this time. The events over the past few days that have transpired in , our ‘city’ have me deeply disturbed. Now, I’m not a woman and while  I can’t understand the emotion, I might be able to share the same fear.  Why and how you may ask? Abuse me a little if you’d like, but while I don’t want to sound pitiful in any way and I don’t have to worry about a late evening , I still worry.

I can’t deny the same sister and the friends the opportunity of stepping outside four walls in the evening purely based on their sex now can I? Wouldn’t that be unfair? Do I want to be the hated brother? Doubt that also… but there is my reason for concern and drive me to paranoia.

9:30pm. A girl finishes a movie, ‘trusts’ public transport to get home at what most would call a decent hour. Boards a bus, a school bus with black curtains, apparently not permitted for transport use, with her boyfriend. They buy tickets. The boy gets hit with a rod by the accomplices, gets thrown out of the bus and the rest is too explicit to be written about. Multiple rapes have led to 6 surgeries with the 7th a high possibility and the girl has gone into coma over 5 times. Both,intestines and reproductive organs damaged. Her life, well almost rendered over. Once disposed, a nude girl was exposed on the road and nobody bothered to help her. Disinterested, the crowd waited for cops for over an hour.

I hope I don’t hurt any sentiments or bring back a rather torrid memory and emotion, and nor do I wished to be thought as a cruel emotionless human being but this is a story we’ve heard of multiple times in the North and yet nothing changes. Such damage for what? Taking the wrong bus?

Why has this story made headlines this big now? It’s happened before! Yes there is a political battle in this country, and considering what the state of our government is, this has been made political.
But why can’t we leave that Congress and BJP bullshit away for a while?

What happened to human rights?

Why such hoo-haa now? Are you telling me you feel for it now?

All I’m hoping for is that you have honestly had enough!

Atrocities like these need to stop. If they don’t in bigger cities with supposedly larger educated and civilized communities, how can we expect any progress? There is always a clear line between right and wrong, and we’ve had enough of wrong.
Is it fair to blame the cops? Maybe not, we can’t expect them to check every bus, can we?

But I blame the cops because I know there is no fear and no regard for a man in ‘vardi’ or any sort of authority. Why should there be?
The driver of this bus has a criminal record. I repeat. This driver is driving a SCHOOL bus. Which authority decides this?
A Congress MLA tells his ‘goons’ to teach another car a lesson for cutting them off, needless to say, his ‘boys’ beat the travelers in the car that has two women and two children out of six.
A Cop in U.P rapes a witness in a hotel room multiple times on account of taking her statement for another rape case.
This hasn’t only happened in the north. Cops in Bombay too, remember the Nariman Point/Chowpatty incident?

How can there be any regard for such authority. Who is to be trusted with information like this?

I fear if there is no action taken, this hope and this media fire will dwindle away like the rest of our frail attempts. Whether the consequence be capital punishment, scientific dismemberment and public dishonoring ,I don’t know, but there needs to be something from someone… Not necessarily the Congress or the BJP, but civil society on the whole!

This country has been on the cusp of greatness for ages, economical barriers crossed or not, our mind sets need to change. We need to stop blaming a woman for what she wears, where she travels and what time she wishes to travel. This is no opportunity for animals; there should be no window… She will only feel empowered and secure, with a system of support and may I say a long shot, when she knows mindsets.

The oldest civilization that holds the highest regard for women needs a revamp. Our society and its ethics need a revisiting. I will not stop my sisters, cousins and friends a night out, I DO NOT have the right too, but yes I will still be fearful and that sadly I know it will not change.