First Khap, now Chand

Picture this: Food either leads to, or causes Rape

As a moderately educated citizen of new age, youthful India, that statement disturbs me. Not because its largely inaccurate (unless you have plans to mistake sex with rape and food as an aphrodisiac) but because I-am-a-foodie.

Why you ask?
Now I may not be a big fan of ‘chowmein’ but I do fancy the odd meal sometimes, and now I’m going to have to deal with this over-bearing thought of it causing a hormonal imbalance in the system and ‘it’ bringing out the rapist in me. Better yet, I’m now certainly scarred and troubled for life because I’m a born and brought up non-vegetarian, which apparently according to certain publishing houses entitles me, or rather caters to my inherent nature of being deceitful, conniving, and full of broken promises and a thief…. And the obvious sex crime offender.

News and Opinions are like farts aren’t they?
Everyone’s got them and has this desperate urge to release it or maybe share it with the world, without realizing, it’s probably not the best idea.
The problem worsens when you are slightly influential in some society because your farts tend to be the biggest ever and more often than not land up causing some irreparable damage to your surroundings.

Put news and opinions of a ‘self proclaimed celebrity’ or an ‘old(ish) important member of civil society’ together with Indian media, BOOM… You will have super-sensational news that burns through people’s common sense and thinking ability. This is what happened when a Haryana ‘Khap’ decided to creatively think of logic that discovered the reason for rape in Haryana

“To my understanding, consumption of fast food contributes to such incidents. Chowmein leads to hormonal imbalance evoking an urge to indulge in such acts,” said Jitender Chhatar

Further Mr.Khap decided to back his argument by claiming that Chowmein in villages is usually made and served on the outskirts of the town, suburbs if you please, and therefore the parents could not keep a check on wondering children. This chowmein stall is therefore a place of congregation. Further, chowmein causes this ‘imbalance’ thereby creating this unbearable sexual heat in bodies. Inevitably, this heat needs an outlet. BAM!!
Chowmein heat and stall distance from the village is therefore the cause of rape in Haryana.
Hence Proved.
Author : Khap of Haryana

The ridiculousness didn’t stop there. Other suggestions for the reduction of rape were based on the idea of reduction of the marriage-able age. Allowing children to have sex earlier, in a manner, exposing them to the ‘experience’ would definitely reduce the need to rape. Right? Perfectly normal suggestion in some books.
No consideration given to the problems with that suggestions obviously, because honestly, who has the time to think about what they say.
There see, the simple fart, released it, didn’t realize it wasn’t the place or time to do it

Could you excuse the Khap though?
Lets be a little realistic. The Khap probably doesn’t know the constituents of chowmein and therefore the implications of ‘hormonal imbalance’ are probably not entirely true, but one could sympathise with him. Gatherings outside village area are less controlled and therefore some women could be subject to a less protective environment. Add some desi daaru, a bit of rowdiness and then maybe this theory will make some remote sense. So while not entirely excusable, at least you understand the sentiment.

But what happens when you have reputed organization being party to statements of a similar nature.
Surely, inexcusable?

An extract from an S. Chand textbook titled ‘New Healthway – Health, Hygiene, Physiology, Safety, Sex Education, Games and Exercises’ for 6th grade students stated the following:

“They easily cheat, tell lies, they forget promises, they are dishonest and tell bad words, steal, fight and turn to violence and commit sex crimes” also on page 56, the book goes on to credit the tastiness of meat by saying that “it is the waste products which largely produce the flavour of meat.”


While none of the above makes sense, the book also advocates the Japanese

are vegetarians and live longer than most other peoples. The generous use of green leafy vegetables, soya beans and grams has helped the people to maintain vigour, strength and endurance throughout the centuries’,

completely ignorant of Fish being a detailed source of pure protein. Away from food, the book ‘educates’, I repeat, ‘educates’ 6th grade students the apt age of marriage by claiming, that women should be married between the ages of 18 and ‘to get married without a bad name is a dream of every young girl.”

Believe me I’m as shocked as you are with this ‘syllabus’

We often depend on private players in most markets to provide competition and raise standards. Private education is probably better off in terms of resources available, but there should be a point when even a private source is reviewed.
For a known publisher such as S.Chand, the ones you’d probably remember from the ‘S. Chands books for all – and be a winner’ ads this has got to be a low. The thought of such ridiculous content to be published in the first place let alone be used to educate influence-able or even gullible young minds is distasteful.

While there should be light at the end of the tunnel, unfortunately I don’t see it.

In an age where marks in India decide ones ‘intelligence’, I certainly don’t wish to be governed by this youthful future of our country. Nor do I want to turn vegetarian or to be assumed a thief or a sex crazed non-vegetarian who shoves his daughter to marriage to avoid bad names.
The appalling situation is, while we have the media, the pillar of strength for Indian society, who might write a few articles and make a noise about it, I certainly don’t want to be subject to an Ornab from Times ‘Then’ who seems to be the conscience keeper of the country creating a hoo-ha about such ignorance. At best this will get a few days of TV time, but honestly, is this what we have come to?

Grow up India, read, think and be inquisitive.

Food for one doesn’t make you a sex-offender, lack of education might just…