Marketing Is King I – S. C. Johnson & Son

Marketing Is King

Marketing is important. No one needs to market that fact to you. Most companies, whether they are big shots like Apple and Microsoft or much smaller ones contribute much in terms of time, money and resources towards marketing. Just having your product/service out there is not enough to capture and retain the attention of a large, nomadish audience in a competitive market with plethora of available options. There are several factors which are equally important to success than simply having a brilliant product/service. And even though the true reach of marketing can never be quantifiably calculated with complete justification, marketing is one of the main one’s. The aim of this series is to provide some everyday case studies which have proved to be excellent examples of great marketing. Each post focuses on one or more of the important aspects of marketing as well as what lesson can be learned from each scenarios by us as marketers.

The great marketers of S. C. Johnson & Son

Case 1 focuses on renowned global manufacturers of household cleaning supplies, S. C. Johnson & Son. It is based on an account I heard in first person from a relative. A close family member fell in love with the new Scrubbing Bubbles cleaner. So much so, that her happiness with the product drove to her to send an email showing her appreciation to the S. C. Johnson & Son customer support. Result: The team responded promptly with an email expressing their regards. Additionally, they mailed her a set of different S. C. Johnson products free of charge. In this way, S. C. Johnson killed several birds with one stone.

Offer 1 set of free products now to make much more in revenue later

S. C. Johnson rewarded customer loyalty. Spending resources and time on rewarding customer loyalty is much more important than making contributions towards advertising campaigns for roping in new customers. It is much, much easier to and cheaper to keep a customer happy than to replace an unhappy customer with a new customer. One loyal customer will share their delight with your product/service several others. This chain goes on and results in one of the best forms of free marketing in sort of a domino effect by word of mouth.

Secondly, by providing free samples of other S. C. Johnson products, they created a platform to generate and increase market and customer loyalty for these other products. Undoubtedly, my relative fell in love with their other products like Raid, Glade, Drano, Windex and several more and these are now her products of choice for their own respective purposes. S. C. Johnson are paying attention and giving importance to the correct criteria. Now even though in this one example the market increased by 1, any sort of increase is appreciable. Especially if it comes at the minimal cost of providing a single free sample of the product.

How loyal do you want your customer to be?

S. C. Johnson paid attention to customer loyalty. And they seized an opportunity to increase the market share. Instances like these can often bring out huge magnitude of difference in results. It is no wonder that S. C. Johnson has an annual revenue of over 9 billion US Dollars and it is growing every day. If companies follow these basic and obvious steps they can go long ways in bringing a brighter future for themselves. The S. C. Johnson marketing personnel are deservedly earning every dollar of their salary with their great marketing strategy.