Historic Day in Capitalism: Microsoft + Google + Amazon + Facebook > Apple

Apple is an enormously wealthy and profitable company, we all know this. Sometimes, though, there’s a bit of context that really snaps it into crisp detail. One such observation was made earlier today by Kontra on Twitter and shared on Mactrast.

The comment pointed out that the combined market caps of Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Amazon, four of Apple’s major peers in the tech world, still didn’t equal Apple’s. The numbers in the tweet were from this morning, but we just ran them again and it’s still true at the close.

Value by market cap:

Total: $630.95B

Meanwhile, Apple currently clocks in at $632.56B. Just staggering when you think about it.  Especially when you consider that Apple’s market cap in 1999 was only $9.29B.

Here’s how they’re all currently trending on the market:

Screen Shot 2012 08 28 at 3.14.49 PM 520x514 Apple now bigger by market cap than Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook combined

 Source: http://thenextweb.com/shareables/2012/08/29/apple-now-bigger-market-cap-microsoft-google-amazon-facebook-combined/