Glued To GetGlue – A Different Social Network

GetGlue – Your one stop entertainment checklist

It seems that social networks are one of the most popular businesses around. At every corner, there’s one mini-Mark Zuckerberg designing a new social network. If Facebook, MySpace, Orkut,  Zurker, Pinterest and the others just weren’t enough for you, some geniuses had the idea of location-based social networks like Foursquare and Mojostreet. Then came social networks uniquely designed for sharing of pictures. Who among us doesn’t use Instagram (except the stubborn “Blackberry Boys” of course)?

GetGlue – So much to offer!

But, to the extremes of ridiculousness, I found GetGlue – a social network for “checking in to” TV shows and movies. Yes, you read it right, TV shows and movies. And, to my disbelief, I have actually come to like GetGlue. Okay, I’ll be honest, I’m kind of hooked on to it! Now you may ask – “What’s so hot about a stupid social network like GetGlue”? Well, here’s my opinion!

We all want to know what our friends are watching. It helps us be “cool” as well as keeps us informed about some great new TV shows to watch. None of us want to be the odd man out when a bunch of colleagues or friends are talking about a new TV show. Well, GetGlue is your solution. The GetGlue app is available on Androids, iPads and iPhones and they have a mobile site as well, so you won’t have to go out of your way to stay informed either.

GetGlue – Keeps you informed about the latest in entertainment

Ever had that feeling after a great TV show gets over, that you don’t know what to do with your life (or what to watch next)? Well, GetGlue has a special recommendations section where they inform you about TV shows you may like based on the one’s you are currently watching or like (you can rate TV shows yourself to help in the recommendation process). Based on the number of check-ins that a TV show receives at any instance of time, there’s also a section to see which shows are trending. So, if you’re ever worried about being up to date about new TV shows, forget IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, get interactive and GetGlue. Lastly, GetGlue has TV shows classified on the basis of about 40 different genres like comedy, legal drama, dysfunctional families, nostalgia and several more, so, pick your favorite one, check in and start watching. GetGlue’s new release section will keep you updated about the latest TV shows that are coming out every week. And, with GetGlue you can be informed of the release of the latest episode of a TV show that you’re hooked on to as well.

GetGlue – Will give you recommendations based on your interests

Additional features – GetGlue offers all the services listed above not only for TV shows, but for movies, music and books as well. Now, if you were on GetGlue, you wouldn’t have had to worry about being informed of 50 Shades Of Grey or Gotye or Game Of Thrones. GetGlue has a comprehensive list of TV shows, movies, books and music with accurate ratings so it’s a guarantee you won’t be missing out on the latest in entertainment.

Bonus perks – Every time you check in, you earn a virtual sticker of the corresponding TV show, movie, artist or book. And, once a month, you can request to have one sticker of your choice mailed to you at no cost. So, those who have their room decorated with posters of Eminem or Suits or Shutter Island, this is a great opportunity for you. Additionally, on substantial check-ins you gain points and will receive discounts from entertainment companies for various products.

GetGlue – Earn some great stickers like the one here or even better, earn some great discounts

There are several social networks and all of them want to be the next Facebook by offering the same features in different ways. It’s great that GetGlue is offering some new and innovative features and has a different goal than just becoming the next Facebook. GetGlue will cater to ALL your needs of media and entertainment. So, if you’re a fanatic of the latest in entertainment, then you should get stuck on GetGlue.

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