An Ode to Her

She passed by me in a hallway,
I stared at her; lost my way.
So pretty, so perfect,
I had no chance, forget it.

Seasons passed; I became a traveller,
“Hong Kong is next” attracted her.
We started speaking at length,
And haven’t stopped since then.

Seasons passed; we both got busier,
We both thought the other got fussier,
We had our fights,we had our quarrels,
We fought with might, egos the size of barrels.

Just when it all seemed bleak,
And a relationship very meek,
We saw the light:
Albeit at distance for sight.

We did it, we made it work!
No chance of separation will lurk.
Here she stands next to me,
Holding my hand oh so gently.

In my dream, she still passes me in a hallway,
I still stare at her and lose my way.
So pretty, so perfect,
Hold onto her, don’t forget it.

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