The time that was…

This article does not have any bearing on or resemblance to the authors life.
Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
It is purely a descriptive and a platform of thought.


There are some willing to move, adapt and learn, but can too much movement hamper a soul? Damage a period?
Adapting and learning is pretty much the order of life.
Situations are so dynamic, it is the survival of the fittest.

Or is it survival of the most adaptable?
Some of us move one, some of us cant.
Most of us are lost in this sort of inertia of not knowing what to do or how to react to it.

Navy, army kids and other service kids, relate to the idea of having to move, having to re-adapt and adjust.
Putting on a facade is the simplest trick in the book. There are unfortunately a few who stick to their guns and stay true to who they are?

It all just depends on who you want to be and how you wish to survive this hustle.

From the diary of a traveller:

Even though I knew this time would come, I’ve never really thought through on how I’m going to react to it,
Its easy to say that it’ll be a new beginning, but its tougher to actually start afresh when everything you know lies in one city.

The person I am today, is only because of the people I know and the friends I’ve had.
Family is not a choice you make, its a choice your given.
Its the base of all assumptions, the history behind your behaviour and the nature of your attitude. It is your grounding.
How you want to use it, is your call

Some say  friends are self made choices,and these probably the best choices I’ve made for a very long time.
Each and everyone one of you, is a part of me and I am me because of you.
I thank you for being the people you are and I hope that I have in some way added something to your lives.

I’ve never been the most involved person,and more often then not I stay away from things but that’s because I know I’m still with the lot of you
Now that im leaving, i want to still feel a part of everything that’s said, everything that’s done, everything that’s celebrated
It’ll be tough, but not impossible.
It just needs a thought, a time, a moment.

When you change a status, remember me
When you type a phone number, remember me
When you look at a map, remember me

For all i do, is remember you

I hope i’m not punished for having to move away, the decision was not mine,
I hope in some way i could make up for lost time.

The regrets I have is drifting apart from some people close to and not getting closer to others.
Being on this side I promise to make all efforts and keeping you’ll close to me and I really hope that you do too…

I have no other friends who I can call family… And I just hope nothing ever changes between us.

Yours truly,
The time that was…