WhichBook – A Reader’s Paradise

WhichBook to read next?

So, you’re an avid reader? And your definition of a quality night is a hot cup of mocha and a book to bury yourself into? Well, then you’re going to love this – www.whichbook.net. All of us have, at some point or the other, been in the dilemma of selecting a book to peruse next. Or, we may have been contemplating between a selecting one of a few books. Well, WhichBook will be your one stop solution to all these lingering doubts and questions. And, here’s why we strongly recommend that you start visiting WhichBook immediately.

WhichBook has an extensive database of an innumerable number of books (written in or translated to English). All of these books have been read by a dynamically changing team of 70 individuals. Now, since these individuals are all selected from various libraries and literature organizations, they bring to the table immense knowledge regarding the qualities of an innumerable number of “can’t miss” reads. The website is managed by Opening The Book, who have also founded the reader development movement in the U.K. and have created reader-centered approaches to promoting literature. Trust me, these guys know and love their literature.

Besides being available on PC, the site is also accessible from iPads, iPhones and other modern mobile phones. And since the service is yet quite new, the guys at WhichBook are continuously developing the technology to support other devices. I’m sure you can expect WhichBook apps in the near future. A highly convenient part about WhichBook is that you can access majority of the site’s features for free and only a few features require you to sign up (however this can be replaced by simply signing in with Facebook). So, you don’t have to waste your time in a lengthy sign up procedure before you can analyze your book options.

Now comes the most important part – the selection of the book. There are several (rather, innumerable) ways of choosing a book you’d like.

  1. For those of you who already have your preferences of an author (or for the forgetful few who just can’t remember the book written by your favorite author), you can always view the books on the basis of the author’s surname. However, that’s just a basic feature.
  2. The second method matches your mood to the mood and style of different books and returns the optimum choices. Any user can choose 4 out of the available 12 combination factors. The factors are happy/sad, funny/serious, safe/disturbing, expected/unpredictable, larger than life/down to earth, beautiful/disgusting, gentle/violent, easy/demanding, no sex/lots of sex, conventional/unusual, optimistic/bleak and short/long. Now, just select a maximum of 4 factors and, in each of the factors you selected, adjust the slider displayed towards a particular value in the factor. For example, consider the factor, no sex/lots of sex. Once you select the factor, a slider will be displayed which must be dragged to either no sex or lots of sex. The more you drag it towards one end, say lots of sex, the books suggested will have a greater amount of sex in them (I imagine fans of 50 shades of grey can’t wait to use this now).

    WhichBook matches your mood to the mood of the book. The best way to find your perfect match. // Image – http://www.whichbook.net

  3. And, that’s not it. You can chose a book on the basis of the characters involved i.e. their race, age, sexuality and gender
  4. You can choose a book on the basis of the plot i.e. success against odds, conflicts, lots of twists and turns, open, quest, revelation and generation
  5. Lastly, you can choose a book on the basis of its setting i.e. which part(s) of the world the book is based in. And there is an option for an “imaginary” setting also.

There has never ever, and when I say never I mean never, been this comprehensive and detailed a method to select a book of one’s choice. This method would definitely provide one with a book he/she will love. And I’m sure no single librarian or literature expert will be able to provide such a precise recommendation for a book to any reader. WhichBook provides more factors to choose a book than a person would consider while selecting their life partner. And yes, I literally mean that too.

A bonus feature is WhichBook of the week. As obvious, every week, WhichBook recommends a book from its own database for a reader to peruse. And from personal experience I can vouch that, more often than I can remember, the book has always been splendid.

Additionally, you can create your own list(s) of books to read (this is the only feature of the site which requires one to sign up/ log in via Facebook to access). Like most sites, WhichBook provides an Amazon link to purchase the book. But unlike many sites, which book also provides a source such as a public library near you from where the book can be borrowed. Pretty cool, especially if you don’t know whether spending the money to redeem the book is worth it or not.

Last but not the least, WhichBook provides several lists (called W Lists) which are recommendations of books which have certain common features. Some examples of these lists are pure entertainment, slapstick, comfort zone, weird and wonderful, a terrible beauty, bad luck and trouble and many more. In addition, guests can create their own lists and provide them to WhichBook. Upon WhichBook’s approval, these lists will be displayed, and can be later updated, on their website.

WhichBook is one of the most remarkable websites to search for books. Both ardent and novice book enthusiasts are guaranteed to love WhichBook and its recommendations. Many of the books in the WhichBook database go on to become bestsellers. WhichBook’s policy is to focus not on books which are already bestsellers, but on books which have the potential of becoming bestsellers.  So, if you want to enjoy lengthy hours of leisure reading, I strongly recommend that all you book lovers log on to WhichBook and find your perfect match.