Forever Michael..

A king, simplistically, is one who rules. A person looked up to. The nature of what he rules is usually decided by those, ‘ruled’ over.

Music is well, a bridge. It helps transport someone from a place to another. But music, makes one feel comfort and pure elation. Here, seconds mean  more than the whole day and mere verses cause widespread frenzies and excitement..

Could music ever have a King?

A generation ago there was one such ‘hunka hunka burnin love’, who with his big sideburns and deep voice Jailhouse Rock(ed). Elvis Presley caused frenzies, women wanted to bed him, men wanted a voice like that. Frenzies? Yes, the world loved the aura, the sheer stage presence. The Music

But that was then. The world soon enough, was blitz with a new wave. First there were five of them, who performed at ’white clubs’; all from one family but only one superstar. The biggest the world would ever see. Who knew that wearing a hat and gloves (albeit with rhinestone), would become a symbol of recognition, a coming of genius, the most awaited performance of the night.

This was it. This was Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
Image courtesy: Laura Fung// Google

If ‘Billie Jean’ was not his lover,  half a billion people certainly were. There aren’t too many people in the world who could get away with pelvic thrusts and moonwalks with white gloves on, and have people cry over it, begging for more. He was the one people waited, MJ had it all.

Thriller. The word that describes MJ best. One album, over a 110 million copies sold worldwide, the best selling album of all time. Concerts would sell out way in advance because everyone wanted Michael. He seemed to bring people together. His music was about fun, dance, breaking barriers of colour and society. He was unstoppable. ‘Don’t stop till you get enough’ was what his music was about irrespective of being ‘Black or White’.

Michael had to live life in the public eye. Whether it was the much documented feud with his father and the facial changes to try and remove his image, or the multiple abuse allegations that took him to court too often. Michael was all over the place. Society couldn’t decide whether to adore his talent or loathe him as a person. People wanted to believe those allegations were true, the occupational hazard of being a star I suppose, but through everything the music just kept getting better. When allegations were unproven or dissolved, they forgot about everything; some accusers were caught at his concerts. Michael was very simply a musical genius.

Three years ago today, Michael Jacksons death shook the world. Suddenly, the allegations didn’t matter(or did they ever?). After few previous health scares, he died of intoxication later attributed to homicide and involuntary manslaughter. Would the world never see that Moonwalk? Will wearing a ‘glove’ not be anticipated anymore?
Some of us cant believe that he’s gone. Even though Sony Music will sell posthmus albums till 2017, it wouldn’t be the same, would it?

Michael was well, different. Through all the media speculation, court trials and personal issues, his talent was always a guiding light, it would always win haters over. Michael was always a child in a grownups body. He was denied a childhood all of us were lucky to have. The infatuation epitomized with Neverland. Obsessed with fantasy, hoping to win back years he lost performing as a child but still entertain the world. A man for music, one for love. All he wanted was to ‘Heal the world and make it a better place’.

One may argue that his music was not during our time, but I can guarantee that all the ‘house’ enthusiasts, ‘rap’ and ‘rock’ ONLY lovers have all heard the King of Pop and loved atleast one song.

We all loved MJ, the entertainment and its magnanimity. Today, three years later, a fan pays humble tribute, to a Pop legend. I leave with you this video, from a 1996 concert..