Creativity at its best: Cannes Lions 2012

Why is so much news generating from Europe? Elections in Greece, EURO 2012, Bailout of Spain’s banks, French Open, Monaco Grand Prix, Olympics in London and now Cannes Lions!

But that isn’t going to prevent me from writing on the showcase of the best in creativity. Year on year, I have closely looked at the winners and the losers (Hey! They are good too!) of advertising and design. And it’s that time of the year again…

So keep a close watch on this space, for you have the most well written, eye opening, mind blasting (Thank You, Russel Peters) blog coming your way on the 24th of June. (Oversell and overdeliver: that’s what we do at AlphaLeon)

Till then, this is where you should be looking at all day:

– Sanvar Oberoi