The Most Important Election This Year : Explained

Coat of arms of Greece since 7 June 1975.

How does the election of 300 seats in Greece affect the stability of the entire financial architecture globally? We could be plunged into the worst financial crisis ever (yes, more than 2008 financial crisis or The Great Depression).

Greece may be a small country, but its vote this Sunday may be the most important in the world this year.

While the June 17 election is not directly billed as a referendum on Greece paying its debts and staying in the euro, its might as well be. If no party wins enough votes to form a coalition, as with the last vote, then the Greek situation may very well remain as it is now – a jumbled mess of no real leadership, no real plan and perhaps no real way to stay a member of the euro zone economic family.

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– Sanvar Oberoi