Breaking the Bubble

It’s depressing to note the nonchalance and indifferent attitude of students today to the world around them. I was in midst of an economics class recently with second year business students only to be stopped and asked “What is Bretton Woods?”. As my pale aghast face returned to normalcy, I decided I would encourage an attitude of learning, reading, questioning and inquisitiveness.

Am I being overly critical? I think not. I don’t expect the ones around us to know The Black – Scholes model by rote, but should be a wee bit more aware of the global happenings around us.

They should know what is happening with The Euro?

And why does India keep increasing fuel prices?

What happened on 24th July, 1991 in India?

Why and how do their next family vacation depend on Greece‘s elections?

Hence, a little eye opener:

– Sanvar Oberoi